ODI signs open data Memorandum of Understanding with Republic of Korea

The Open Data Institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Information Society Agency (NIA) of the Republic of Korea. The MoU marks a commitment to promote closer cooperation in the area of open data. The signing took place on 6th November 2013 at The Korea-UK Creative Economy and Future Science Forum at Imperial College London.

Key areas of collaboration between the ODI and NIA will include:

  • Sharing open data best practice, including policy, laws and regulations, case * studies, technology, standards, and big data
  • Development of training programmes
  • Joint projects in the field of open data
  • Support for open data driven businesses including startups
  • Development of open data related technology
  • Open data workshops, exhibitions, and other events
  • Cooperation in international organisations including the Open Government Partnership

Gavin Starks, CEO at the ODI said:

'This MoU is the beginning of a relationship which will see the ODI and the Republic of Korea sharing open data expertise and experiences. It is great to see the social, economic and environmental benefits of open data being explored on a national scale by the Republic of Korea, we hope other countries will follow suit.'

The MoU with the Republic of Korea is the latest development in the emerging international open data network. At the ODI Summit in October, 13 ODI 'Nodes' were announced around the world, from a country-wide Node in the USA, to regional nodes in Dubai, Paris and Brighton. The Nodes bring together companies, universities, and NGOs that support open data projects and communities.

Since its official opening in December 2012, the ODI has been inundated with requests from across the globe, asking for support to improve their open data practices. Over the past six months, the ODI has engaged with dozens of people around the world, in an open process, to co-create this network.