Tech Team Week Notes #39

Penguin JamesLast week started with a change of scenery, as the ODI decamped to Great Brampton House in Herefordshire, for two days of intensive strategic planning. During the quieter periods, Tom and Ulrich mastered the finer points ofcroquet, while the rest of us practised our Gin & Tonic technique.Having then laid out our plans for our next three months, we then returned to London to catch up on all the work we missed while we were away.

Jeni started witha coordination chat with the OKFN, followed by doing a webinar on data standards for ODDC on Thursday. Friday brought a keynote at the "Managing Research Data with Linked Data"seminarorganised by Meanwhile,Tom ploughed through his backlog after getting back from India, and then got Max, one of our new research interns, settled in. Max, in turn, started the data collection for hisMSc dissertation project. To get a picture of the UK Open Data ecosystem, he conducted interviews with various people inside and outside the ODI, and participated in events like the OKFN meet-up and the Science and Technology Foundation roundtable discussion.

Stuart and Ulrichspent the week working on a secret project, which Stuart has codenamed "Qiameth" for reasons known only to him and the random word generator he used. It's unusual for us to not be working in a 100% open way, but this is a temporary situation; the result will be fully open once it's ready for release! It's looking good; you'll like it.Sam spent some time improving our Chef robots to handle multiple deployment branches, and also diving headlong into data munging in Ruby, for the same secret project.

When not wearing a penguin mask (pictured above), I spent a while improving our build system, and have replaced a whole load of hairy Jenkins configuration with a pretty short DSL script, whichI'll cover in more detail in a future blog post.