Tech Team Week Notes #17

The office is suddenly a lot noisier, with the arrival of (the majority of) our new tech team. One of our first decisions together was that we should write weekly updates, and I get to go first. (For clarity, this one's numbered #17 because it's ODI Week 17, even though it's the first proper week for the tech team.)

Introductions: joining myself and Dave Tarrant are Sam Pikesley, devops; Tom Heath, data scientist; Stuart Harrison and James Smith, web developers. (Stuart doesn't start properly until later in February, but he managed to join us for a couple of days early last week.)

Our first two days together were spent learning about ODI and each other, and exploring how we want to work together and with the wider community. Our aims include being open by default, reusing and collaborating around other people's work, and listening as well as talking.

To those ends, we've had a busy week, among other things

We are in an incredibly privileged position, lacking legacy systems, with money to buy the kit and services we need, and with organisational support to be able to work as we want to work. It's going to be an exciting journey!

Edit: Sorry, it was ODI week 17, not week 15; edited in place.