ODI submits implications of leaving the EU to UK Parliament Science and Tech Committee

From database rights to funding, access to public sector information to data portability, the ODI has submitted implications and opportunities of leaving the EU for science and technology, and reaffirmed the need to maintain data infrastructure

The ODI has submitted to the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee’s call for submissions on implications and opportunities of leaving the EU, for science and research.

Our mission is to connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data. We have a network of members and nodes across the UK and in 18 countries around the world. There are nodes in seven countries that are currently members of the EU: Austria, UK, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain.

Last year the UK Government asked us to bring it the voice of data businesses and innovators, and help promote data innovation across government. Our current projects include work on the European Data Portal, the European Data Science Academy, Open Data Education and ODINE, a European incubator for open data startups.

Our submission is based on our experience in the UK, the EU and across the world, as well as our awareness of the strategic importance and value of data infrastructure.

Roads help us navigate to a location. Data helps us navigate to a decision. For our essential data infrastructure to have maximum value for governments, business and citizens, it needs to be as open and accessible as possible, while maintaining privacy.

We have highlighted risks and opportunities that have an impact on the UK’s data-related capability and innovation, and those that might be mitigated using open data and open access.