Guest post: Keep track of your bills with Splittable

By Nick Katz

The cost of living affects us all, from the price of a loaf of bread and a pint of milk, to the price of keeping our homes warm and taps running. Reining in the cost of living is one of the biggest issues Britain is facing at the moment.

There are lots of ways in which homeowners and renters can try to trim their monthly bills – plenty of people already are.

But with the right data, householders could do so much more.

Splittable is on the path towards helping achieve this. We were born as a business at the Open Data Institute a few years ago and have morphed, changed and evolved to become the housesharing app that’s taking off in the app store.

We want to take the pain out of sharing a home by bringing more harmony and connectivity to the whole process with an easy-to-use app that keeps track of all the costs that go along with renting.

For now, the app allows you to invite your housemates and split bills, rent and council tax with them. But that’s just the start.

At Splittable, we’re obsessed with open data. Over time, we want to find creative ways to deliver value for our customers with information from our housesharing network. This will be anonymised and aggregated so that no individual or specific household can be identified, but these are all things we learn and continue to work with the Open Data Institute on. We feel we’re the right team and business to work with people to help them become better and smarter householders from a young age.

Renting and sharing a home can be a wonderful experience, but it isn’t easy. When priced out of a deposit, bullied by landlords and held to ransom by agency fees, staying in control of your finances as a renter has become increasingly difficult by the state of the market. But with the right tools and resources we can allow renters to make the most out of what they can afford.

Empowering them through their own data is the first step in supporting them to do so.

Nick Katz is Co-founder & CEO at Splittable. Follow @SplittableUK on Twitter.