Dubai node news: January 2014

At ODI Dubai throughout the coming few months, we are planning to offer in-house training programs to some of our existing clients in addition to concluding an open “Open Data in Practice” programme. All these programmes should be delivered jointly with the ODI in London and we will invest in customising the training content to fit the local context in the UAE and the Arab region.

In addition, we have captured the interest of some key clients in adopting the ODI’s Open Data Certificate which is a very interesting and useful tool that can help in improving the quality to their data and provide better access to the public, in addition to helping the organisation itself in assessing their open data initiative.

While we are working on implementing this short-term plan, we are keeping in mind two important aspects: ODI Dubai was launched at a perfect time with the announcement of Smart City and Smart Government initiatives in UAE and also with growing interest in open data across the region and; all these initiatives are promoting the culture of openness and collaboration.

As Gavin Starks said at our meeting in London, “We don’t have all the answers!”. So we will keep our eyes and minds open to understanding how the open data movement in the region will grow. And we will be willing to adopt our projects and activities to contribute to its growth, providing the greatest possible value to our clients and the community in general.

So this is how we think we will progress through the first few miles of our long journey and of course we are open to other ideas and suggestions.