Valentina Podda

Startup Coordinator

Valentina is Startup Coordinator for two acceleration programmes at the ODI; Data Pitch Accelerator which is focused on the EU ecosystem and offers startups equity-free funding to tackle corporate and public sector challenges with data and OpenActive which will focus on the UK ecosystem and on sport and physical activity sector startups, that use open data to help people to get active.

In her previous job she worked in a co-working space in Milan as a community and event manager, helping the community of innovators to thrive. Meanwhile, during her free time, she has started mentoring several groups of entrepreneurial students, helping them shaping their business ideas into a real growing startup.

Before that she enhanced the startup ecosystem in her small hometown, Cagliari, organising networking and pitching events to spread the entrepreneurial culture.

She considers herself to be in 'permanent beta' and never stops learning. She studied computer science, learning the basic of coding of a few programming languages, then she graduated in psychology and after that, still unsatisfied, she decided to undertake an entrepreneurial course to understand what it means to be a digital entrepreneur nowadays.

She loves psychology, cycling, and travelling on her own.