Emma Thwaites

Associate - Communications

Emma Thwaites is a former journalist and communications director with 25 years’ in the media and public affairs industries.

She has worked for the BBC, the Cabinet Office and The Institute for Government. She specialises in strategic communications and media relations and previously set up and ran communications for the Royal Courts of Jersey, the Jean Charles de Menezes Inquest and the Baha Mousa Inquiry.

Emma has a long-standing passion for online communications, having edited her first website in 2002. She was an early champion of open government, creating the first “commentable” document for the Building Britain’s Future Campaign in 2009 and leading the Your Freedom crowd-sourcing project in 2010.

Emma manages ODI communications, and works with journalists, commentators and armchair enthusiasts to build wider understanding of open data.

Please get in touch @emmathwaites or [email protected]