Amanda Smith

Account Manager

Amanda is a senior consultant, innovation lead and manager of the partnerships programme at the ODI. Her expertise covers a diverse range of areas, from open data and innovation, organisation and culture change, privacy and transparency, social research, creating impact and community engagement. She works with corporates and governments across the World and provides consultancy services which include data strategy and policy, training and facilitation, programme management and product development.

Previously Amanda was the ODI’s Community Engagement Manager. Joining in November 2013, she successfully delivered our DaPaaS (Data-and-Platform-as-a-Service) and OpenDataMonitor projects. She has created open data communities in London, Oslo and Sofia. In 2015, Amanda was the first winner of the Bloomberg Open Technology WISE award, presented to her by HRH Princess Royal.

Amanda is a criminologist and before joining the ODI she worked in roles across policing and government. She worked with police forces throughout the UK to deliver Prime Ministerial commitments to release open crime and justice data and develop the World's first crime mapping website and data portal.

An accomplished Staff Officer to a number of Chief Police Officers, Amanda was responsible for a wide range of national policing portfolios. She has been honoured with Chief Constable commendations three times in her career.

She believes you should sprinkle happiness, kindness and glitter over most things.