Our policy activities provide leadership on emerging data issues and challenge ways people and organisations communicate about data. We want more people to be able to engage with and debate the social, economic and environmental impacts of data.

We work across the data spectrum – closed, shared and open data. We help organisations understand the value of open data, shape the landscape for debate about how we invest in data infrastructure and promote openness as a mechanism for building trust in how organisations manage personal data. We contribute to public consultations and debates that affect how we make best use of data in the UK and worldwide.

ODI Advisory provides data policy and strategy advice, and tools (such as Open Data Pathway) for governments, businesses and non-profit organisations. Through ODI Advisory we contribute to the International Open Data Charter as a Lead Steward.

We are headquartered in the UK, but are an international organisation.

In all our policy work, we are:

Fearless – a strong, authoritative voice when it comes to topical policy issues. Our contributions will always be pragmatic, collaborative and consultative, while maintaining our independence.

Expert – we’re not a talking shop. Our contributions will be thoughtful, without being afraid to challenge. Our goal is to become the first port of call for insight and advice on data, in the UK and internationally.

Enabling – providing policy contributions built on the networks, training, research and technical expertise that the ODI provides. Our advice is grounded in the real world of data, informed by the experiences of our startups, members and nodes.