The Open Data Leaders Network brings together leaders of government open data initiatives around the world.

These open data leaders:

  • work within government on implementing open data initiatives

  • have innovative ideas about the future of open data and government

  • would benefit from being connected with peers from around the world, and make positive and supportive contributions to the community

Hear first-hand from our participants what it takes to be an open data leader in our 3-minute video:

More information on the network:

The network offers a space for sharing knowledge and ideas, discussing common challenges, best practices and learning from peers. It is supported by the International Development Research Centre as part of the OD4D network and the European Commission. Our first cohort launched in February 2015 with participants from countries including the UK, Chile, Morocco, and Macedonia – each responsible for the implementation of their government’s open data initiatives.

A further set of open data leaders attended the second cohort of the network in July 2015. This group featured individuals from a diverse range of national, sub-national and city-wide roles including representatives from Buenos Aires to New Zealand.

The week-long ODLN programme brings participants to the ODI’s London offices to engage with our world-class trainers and resources. While here, leaders also encounter other members of the global open data community including the Centre for Public Impact at the Boston Consulting Group, UK Transparency Board member Andrew Stott, and entrepreneurs in the ODI’s own Startup programme.

Future cohorts of the Open Data Leaders Network will take place in London during 2016. To find out more, please contact [email protected].

Read more about experiences of the leaders network from our New Zealand participant Paul Stone and our post on the World Bank data blog site.