ODI Accra

iSpace, Accra, Ghana

Joined: 1 July 2016

Learning Node

We aim to champion Open Data education in our ecosystem. It is founded by iSpace foundation, Founded in 2013, we exist to nourish and flourish the startup ecosystem in Accra. We are a co-working space for everything innovation – and innovation in its truest form, not the jargon.

Our mission is to provide guidance to startups working on Open Data projects. Our focus is to train a lot more people on Open Data in the areas of research, programming and data analytics while making money - to ensure sustainability.

By building and training many people in Open data in the ecosystem, we will be able to get more people the tools and resources to build their own projects. We want to grow a network of open data projects in our region since we believe that Open Data can help many new startups and enhance processes of existing ones as well.

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