ODI Nodes — collaborative reach, influence and impact

ODI Nodes connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data, led by local experts.

Operating at city or regional levels, ODI Nodes:

  • Develop and deliver training to equip people with new skills

  • Connect people and businesses through membership and events

  • Communicate stories that inspire people around the world

Through peer-learning and collaboration, the network highlights the case for open innovation, and brings people together around our collective vision: knowledge for everyone. The network spans over 20 countries.


Nodes are franchises of the ODI. Hosted by existing (for-profit or non-profit) organisations, they operate locally and are connected globally as part of the ODI Node network.

Each ODI Node adopts the ODI Charter, an open codification of the guiding principles and rules under which the ODI operates. ODI HQ (based in London) charges ODI Nodes to be part of the network.

Node types

  • ODI Pioneer Nodes are ambassadors for the ODI’s global network. They work collaboratively with ODI HQ to help ensure the node network is sustainable, lead the delivery of quality services to market and develop initiatives that can scale across the network.

  • ODI Learning Nodes establish local training via ODI Registered Trainers, and focus on growing their reach by tailoring ODI Learning to local demand.

  • ODI Community Nodes convene local individuals and organisations interested in open innovation, delivering local events and workshops. They raise awareness of data’s economic, social and environmental benefits, encourage local collaboration and help build connections through ODI individual membership.

  • ODI Story Nodes raise awareness, share challenges and promote best practice in harnessing data’s economic, social and environmental benefits via blogs from their perspectives within their local contexts, across sectors and themes.

On a case-by-case basis – and as agreed with ODI HQ – some nodes may collaborate on projects, research, or services that address a specific issue, if it is of use to the wider community. ODI Node host-businesses must develop custom projects directly, rather than under the ODI brand, if they do not serve the broader community. The ODI fully reviews the node network, its performance and its structure on an annual basis.

Joining the ODI Node network

Are you interested in becoming an ODI Node? Find out more and get in touch.