Transport Systems Catapult and the ODI announce a strategic partnership to develop transport data infrastructure

TSC and the ODI are exploring the data infrastructure and open standards needed to support transport innovation and bring about transition to 'intelligent mobility'

Transport services are becoming increasingly personalised and tailored to the individual customer, whether that’s a passenger or a freight haulier. At the same time, several megatrends – including an ageing population, dwindling natural resources, environmental damage and the need to do more with less – are driving a need for efficiency. To enable us to manage these demands, open, reliable and accessible data must be at the heart of our transport system.

Our system currently relies on physical infrastructure that has been slowly assembled over hundreds of years. But the system is creaking at the seams, as it struggles to support increasing emand for passenger journeys and the transportation of goods. We urgently need to think about the data infrastructure that’s needed to support transport innovation and bring about the transition to 'intelligent mobility' - where emerging technologies enable the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods.

Transport Systems Catapult and the Open Data Institute are champions of open innovation: TSC focusses on creating an environment that will make the UK a world leader in transport systems innovation, and the ODI equips, connects and inspires people to innovate with data.

The two organisations are combining their strengths to explore the data infrastructure and open standards that will support innovation and create a programme for leading this work in the transport sector.

They invite industry, academia and government to join them in defining the data infrastructure needed to make intelligent mobility a UK success story.

Ruth McKernan, Chief Executive at Innovate UK has welcomed the partnership:

I’m excited by the partnership of the ODI and the Transport Systems Catapult for intelligent mobility in the future. The use of open data in all spheres will be an imperative for the fourth industrial revolution.

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