Press release: Research at the ODI - announcing DaPaaS and OpenDataMonitor

ODI awarded European Commission funds to support open data publishers and consumers - new online platforms will help developers and entrepreneurs build applications and businesses.

The ODI’s research programme has been awarded funding as part of the seventh framework programme for research and technological development (FP7), for two research projects, Data-and-platform-as-a-service (DaPaaS) and OpenDataMonitor (ODM).

These collaborative projects bring together teams of researchers and companies from across Europe. They will explore the latest challenges in the field of open data, and create technology platforms to help policy makers, developers and startup companies understand the open data landscape and build new applications/businesses.

FP7 provides the main instrument for funding research in Europe; with a total programme budget of over €50 billion. The activities funded through FP7 seek to complement national research programmes, bringing together consortia including participants from different European (and other) countries, addressing complex research challenges across national borders.

Both FP7 projects officially started in November 2013, and will last for a duration of two years. Further details of the ODM project can be found at the project website. The DaPaaS project website will go live shortly, and you can follow DaPaaS on Twitter @dapaasproject.