Open Data Certificate: revamped to boost data publishing standards around the world

Open Data Certificate achieves over 150,000 published certificates, introduces an auto-certification process and revamps badge levels to encourage publishing standards worldwide


Today we’re pleased to announce new updates to Open Data Certificate, introducing refreshed badge levels, an auto-certification tool and improved website to make certifying quality open data publishing easier.

In just a year and a half since launching Open Data Certificates in beta we have:

  • published over 150,000 certificates
  • localised certificates for 10 countries across Europe, North America and Asia,
  • received valuable feedback from the publishing and reuser community to develop Open Data Certificate further

Introducing Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum badges

We believe that achieving a certificate at any level is important; every certificate helps to recognise the sustainable publication of open data and encourage its reuse. In response to community feedback, we have simplified and renamed the certificate badges (previously Raw, Pilot, Standard and Expert) to a universal grading system of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This naming mechanism will help users to understand the measures taken to ensure a dataset’s quality, maintenance and support provided.

For those already with certificates, any embedded badges will update automatically to the new badge icon and name.

A new auto-certification tool makes bulk certification easier

To make the process of certifying existing open data faster and easier, we have created a free auto-certification tool that automatically drafts multiple Open Data Certificates in one go.

Available for data publishers using CKAN or DCAT, the tool uses existing metadata stored in a data portal to fill in as many answers as possible. This makes it easier for publishers to kickstart the certification process and focus on adding extra information not already captured.

Localisation in 10 countries

To apply Open Data Certificate to varying best practices and legal frameworks around the world, we have been working with local experts to translate them in other countries. Open Data Certificate is now part-localised in Greece, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan, US, Romania and Germany. Get it touch if you would like to get involved in bringing Open Data Certificate to your country.

If you would like to know more about the changes to Open Data Certificate, please visit the new website for more details.

We’d love to know what you think of the changes, please get in touch at [email protected] or tweet us @ODILabs.