ODI’s Jeni Tennison appointed to government’s new Open Standards Board

The ODI’s Technology Director, Jeni Tennison, has been selected to join other experts on the government’s Open Standards Board. The board is chaired by Liam Maxwell, the government’s Chief Technology Officer, and will advise on which open standards government IT should use in order to achieve better value for money and more flexibility.

The Board will focus on making sure that open standards meet users’ needs and achieve a level playing field for open source and proprietary software.

Jeni brings to the Board experience of both working in open data at the ODI, as well as creating open data standards from her work with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Commenting on her appointment, Jeni Tennison said:

"To be truly open, data needs to be published according to open standards. Open standards aren't just free to implement, they are created through an open process that ensures they take into account the requirements of multiple stakeholders. The problem with standards is that there are so many of them! Having different organisations adopting the same open standards ensures that data can flow easily between them, and that we can share common tools. The Open Standards Board will help government to pick the open standards that help it to meet its open data goals."

The Open Standards Board members appointed are:

  • Liam Maxwell, Government Digital Service (Chair)
  • John Atherton, Surevine
  • Matthew Dovey, Jisc
  • Adam Cooper, Bolton University
  • Paul Downey, Government Digital Service
  • Jeni Tennison, Open Data Institute
  • Lee Edwards, London Borough of Redbridge
  • Tim Kelsey, NHS Commissioning Board
  • John Sheridan, The National Archives
  • Chris Ulliott, CESG