ODI Rio joins the global open data network

ODI Rio, the latest addition to the ODI’s global network, launches today at the Federal university of Rio de Janeiro.

The new node is the 22nd ODI Node to join the network (including the UK), after ODI Devon which also launched this week.

ODI Rio will focus mainly on promoting open data within the areas of smart cities and healthcare in the city, as well as sports, with the Rio 2016 Olympics on the horizon.

null Flickr: seier+seier (CCBYSA)

The Node will be based at the Reference Centre for Entrepreneurial Intelligence at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – a top university in Latin America with an increasing commitment to data and technological innovation. The university already plays host to the EMC Brazil Research and Development Centre, where data scientists are collaborating with resource companies, major data repositories, industry technology providers, and branches of the local Rio government on big data projects.

ODI Rio will promote open data through advocacy, storytelling, research, training, and also have its own version of the ODI’s Friday lunchtime lectures series. In particular, the ODI in London will work closely with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro to develop a training programme for local people and businesses, educating them on how they can publish data openly, and how they can use it to build innovative new services and products.

ODI CEO Gavin Starks is in Rio today to officially welcome ODI Rio into the global network at its opening ceremony.

Luciana Sodré, coordinator of the Brazil Big Data Institute and researcher at the Reference Centre for Entrepreneurial Intelligence (CRIE), will lead ODI Rio.

“The Reference Centre for Entrepreneurial Intelligence is the lab for knowledge management and innovation at Federal university of Rio de Janeiro,” Sodré tells the ODI.

“In this field, information and collaboration are crucial. Nowadays information is mostly digital and the best sharing and networking platform is the internet, so [promoting] open data culture is the best way to ensure that we will have enough information and collaboration to innovate. Becoming a node of the Open Data Institute will strengthen our network to work in this direction. We share the ODI belief that we need to build a social consensus around the idea that the data need to be free and available for anyone to use them without any restrictions.”

Richard Stirling, International Director at the ODI said:

“Rio is one of the world’s major cities and has a huge amount to gain from embracing open data: business opportunities, innovative new services and products, as well as greater public efficiency and transparency. We welcome ODI Rio as our newest Node, and look forward to supporting them to develop their new open data training programme. But we are also eager to see how open data brings tangible benefits to this vibrant, influential city, and what we in turn can learn from it.”