ODI researchers nominated for Best Paper Award at CeDEM14

ODI Researchers working on the OpenDataMonitor (ODM) project were nominated for the Best Paper Award at this years International Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM), held on the 21st - 23rd May.

Hosted by the Danube University Krems, CeDEM brings together experts from academia, government, politics and business leaders to discuss challenges and innovation in the fields of e-democracy, citizen participation and e-participation, open data, transparency and open collaborative government.

The ODI’s award nominated paper, "Conceptualizing Open Data Ecosystems – A Timeline Analysis of Open Data Development in the UK” was co-authored by visiting researchers Max Heimstädt and Fred Saunderson, and ODI Head of Research Dr Tom Heath, and supported in part by the ODM project. The paper, drawing on the UK as an exemplar of best practice, uses popular open data definitions, business ecosystem theories, discourse analysis, and in-depth interviews with major UK stakeholders, to develop a full understanding of the UK open data environment and ecosystem.

In addition, the ODI presented a further paper, “The Tau of Data: A New Metric to Assess the Timeliness of Data in Catalogues”, by Ulrich Atz, Head of Statistics at the ODI. Also supported by the ODM project, Ulrich’s paper reviews existing studies that assess the timeliness of data in catalogues (including the World Bank catalogue, the UK data catalogue and the London Datastore,) and proposes a new metric: tau, the percentage of datasets up-to-date in a data catalogue. Spotlighting timelines can foster efficiency and support the sustainability of the open data ecosystem, for example, by encouraging automated publication of data.

The ODI’s research programme, currently includes 3 EU-funded projects; OpenDataMonitor (ODM), Data-and-Platform-as-a-Sercvice (DaPaaS) and Share-Public Sector Information (PSI). The work presented in these two papers is indicative of how the ODM project is helping to create greater understanding of the open data landscape and ecosystem.

When completed in November 2015, the ODM platform will deliver analysis and visualisation capabilities of local, regional and national open data hubs, giving insights into open data deployment across Europe. These analytics will help developers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and enthusiasts to understand how the open data ecosystem is evolving.