ODI and Future Cities Catapult share joint vision for efficient, safe, data-driven cities

How can data help improve the way we use cities? The Open Data Institute and Future Cities Catapult have announced they will work together on projects to help improve urban efficiency and sustainability

At the Open Data Institute, we are exploring how we can create, share, collaborate and use information to create better cities. We believe in putting people and openness at the heart of city design and operation, and ensuring a strong data infrastructure to increase interoperability and collaboration, efficiency and productivity.

Our vision for better, data-driven cities is shared with Future Cities Catapult, an urban innovation centre funded by Innovate UK. We will be combining our knowledge and resources to improve data for cities, through research, consultancy, training and outreach in the UK and internationally. To cement this collaboration, we have worked together to prepare a joint vision for improved cities (written in full below).

If you would like to know more, or have enquiries about commissioning, contact Tom Tharakan at the ODI on +44 (0)20 3598 9395 and Teresa Gonzalez Rico at Future Cities Catapult on +44 (0)77 0251 6250.

A joint vision for improved cities

“We are united by a shared vision of cities that are healthy, safe and enjoyable places in which to live and work. We believe that better use of data is critical for achieving this.

In our vision, data is shared freely and transparently between citizens, businesses and city planners. Cities need a strong data infrastructure — supporting closed, shared and open data — to underpin this. When useful data is delivered in accessible ways, it bridges the ‘digital divide’ and helps everyone make better decisions every day.

Parents will access real-time information about local pollution levels, helping them choose the healthiest walking route to school. Businesses will collect, interpret and share data to build innovative new apps and business models. City planners will use data to create better-functioning cities, helping citizens make best use of their resources.

Improved data infrastructure, open cities and policy will inspire more civic engagement, innovation, smart technology and network thinking. In our vision, information is a valued resource that is collected, shared and used for the good of everyone.”