New startups announced - reducing Government energy costs and shining light on public sector spending

Five new open data businesses have joined the ODI Startup Programme:

  • CarbonCulture monitors carbon use in the workplace and engages employees in driving sustainability. In a pilot project at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, CarbonCulture delivered 40% staff take up and a 10% saving in gas usage - leading to CarbonCulture being deployed in seven more government departments.
  • Demand Logic has designed a system to discover energy-saving opportunities in commercial buildings and monitor building performance and comfort. It has identified ongoing energy savings of at least £300,000 per annum in a total energy spend of approximately £4 million during a proof-of-concept pilot project with a London-based university.
  • Spend Network will use open public data to create the first comprehensive and publicly available repository for government contract and transaction data, the sum of these transactions is worth in excess of £130 billion per annum in the UK alone.
  • Open Bank Project has developed an open API for banks that allows account holders more choiceabout how they access their data, using a wide range of software applications and services.
  • Provenance connects consumers who care about where the things they buy come from, with makers and sellers who are equally keen to promote the transparency of their business and products.

The Startup Programme was created to develop innovative open data ideas into sustainable businesses. While new startups need to be economically sustainable to join, the ODI supports them to develop their businesses to a point where other funding such as the Technology Strategy Board Innovation Vouchers, can propel them forward.

Gavin Starks, ODI CEO, said:

‘The ODI Startup Programme supports ideas that create economic, environmental, and social value - which each of these new businesses do. They are all using or publishing open data in different ways: highlighting efficiency, providing transparency, and creating opportunities for others to innovate.’

Ian Makgill, Founder of Spend Network said:

‘Joining the ODI startup programme has given us two really valuable inputs: credibility and impetus. Just saying we're an ODI startup opens doors for us. It makes people sit up and listen. Working with the ODI team means we take bigger, braver steps, much sooner than we might have done if we were on our own. It is a tougher challenge, but our business is better for it.’

Growing success

The businesses announced today follow on the heels of four other companies that are part of the ODI’s programme:

  • Mastodon C - secured more than 10 new corporate clients, taken on four new employees.
  • Honest Buildings - secured $5.5m funding in a Series A financing round led by the Westly Group and Rockport Capital Partners; £20m in project transactions through the HB Match service and the HB Network, including projects for the John Lewis Partnership and other FTSE 100 companies.
  • Placr - secured angel investment as well as a TSB-funded project. Launched services under a new brand TransportAPI providing data to TfL, CityMapper, and over 500 signed up developers.
  • OpenCorporates - Secured to grants from the Sloan Foundation amounting to over $600,000. Launched open data corporate hierarchy feature. Topped 50 million companies. Launched OpenCompanyDataIndex in partnership with World Bank.

Francine Bennett, CEO at Mastodon C said:

‘Since joining the Startup Programme we’ve taken on four staff members, secured ten big corporate clients and achieved national media coverage for our analysis of NHS prescribing data and the million of pounds in potential savings. The ODI have played a key role in supporting this growth, giving sound business advice and mentoring, office space and a community of other startups who are going through similar challenges.'

More information on the ODI startups can be found here