Four new open data startups join ODI Startup accelerator programme

The Open Data Institute today welcomes four new startup organisations to its ODI Startup accelerator programme.

The four selected companies are all using open data in solutions to pressing education, healthcare, retail and housing challenges across the UK.

  • MyEd provides a free comprehensive guide for parents and students to make wiser education choices. It enables users to quickly search, compare, shortlist and select the right nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and courses in one place. It uses a host of open data sources including the Department for Education; Ofsted and HEFCE.

  • Leasehold Knowledge Partnership is a registered charity helping to address a range of leasehold housing issues, including accreditation for property managing agents who sign up to open accounting and an editorial service for leaseholders. LKP is also campaigning for legislative change in leasehold, particularly to regulate managing agents and uses open data from the Land Registry, Ministry of Justice and other public and private bodies to make the case for reform.

  • Open Chain is helping consumers make ethical shopping decisions online by matching products to shoppers specific values.

  • Rorytech aims to use GP appointment timetables, live hospital waiting times and queue lengths to make people fully aware of what healthcare provision is available to them. The team is hoping to produce metrics that will collate real-time footfall, across all sites and present it in an easily digestible manner.

The four companies will receive office space in both London and Leeds, support in finances, HR, communications and technology from the ODI team, bespoke training and mentorship from external experts, access to peer-networking and global ODI network.

Orsola De Marco, Head of Startups at the ODI, said:

We’re really excited to welcome these four diverse startups onto our accelerator programme. Startups innovating with data often have business models that differ from the traditional ones that investors and potential partners are used to. Our experience working with a wide range of startups over the past four years shows that the ODI accelerator plays a key role in ensuring the commercial sustainability of these companies, by supporting them from an early stage.

Professor Upkar Pardesi, CEO at MyEd said:

Securing a place on the ODI Startup accelerator programme has given us the support of the leading open data organisation and access to a dedicated team to help guide the growth of our business. We are looking forward to working with ODI in the year ahead and to achieve some highly challenging milestones towards successfully taking MyEd to market.

If you would like to apply to the ODI accelerator programme, please click here. The ODI is planning a new intake in Q1 2017.