European Data Portal: bringing open data’s economic benefits to public bodies

In line with the launch of its official site, the EDP is gathering stories and economic insights to bring to public bodies who could benefit more from open data

The official first version of the European Data Portal (EDP) is launched today, with a mission to improve accessibility and increase the value of open data.

The EDP harvests the metadata of public sector information available on public data portals across European countries. These portals are national-, regional-, local- or domain-specific, and span across 28 EU Member States, the European Economic Area, countries involved in the EU's neighbourhood policy and Switzerland.

The portal now hosts over 400,000 datasets – almost double the amount it had at the point of its beta launch in November 2015. It has also been re-booted with technical improvements, new eLearning training material (developed collaboratively using an open approach) and reports.

Enlightening public bodies with open data stories

"One goal of the European Data Portal project is to provide support to the European countries to stimulate the release of more data by the public sector," says Wendy Carrara – Principal Consultant and Capgemini Consulting Project Manager at the European Data Portal. "Multiple countries indicate that they need practical examples of how open data is used to convince their government to start releasing more data."

To provide re-users with inspiration and publishers with real use-cases, the EDP Library now features a ‘use cases’ section, containing one example of either a re-use or publishing best-practice from 32 countries. The EDP are looking for the data user and publisher communities to share more stories to help promote more open data reuse.

Promoting open data’s economic impacts

Building on other initiatives to promote the economic value of open data – such as the ODI’s 'Open data means business' report – the EDP is gathering economic insights to enlighten sceptical public bodies and motivate open data re-users to create value themselves. You can participate in the EDP’s survey as a startup, SME or larger businesses. The results will be published during the second half of 2016.

The European Data Portal is developed by the European Commission with the support of a consortium led by Capgemini, including INTRASOFT International, Fraunhofer Fokus, con terra, Sogeti, the Open Data Institute, Time.Lex and the University of Southampton.