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The ODI Labs Programme evolves the state of the art across the data spectrum by creating technology, tools, standards, and techniques for the benefit of all.


Our work focuses on five themes:

  • Publishing - making publishing data in the open simpler than keeping it closed.
  • Collaboration - enable open data publishers and users to work together to create and maintain high-quality datasets.
  • Discovery - help people find the data they are looking for, and discover relevant data they didn’t even know existed.
  • Integration - automatically combine diverse datasets to create new insights and support decision making.
  • Infrastructure - create a resilient global data infrastructure so that open data is universally accessible and reliable.

ODI Toolbox

Our toolbox is a collection of free tools that help with data publishing. Many of them work together to create an integrated ecosystem for open data.

Open Data Certificates
Prove the quality of your data publishing, and help build trust with your data reusers
Open Data Pathway
Assess and compare your organisation's readiness for open data publishing
Check that your CSV files are easy for reusers to consume, and conform to standards and schemas
Take your first steps in open data publishing; publish quickly and easily, for free
Publish your organisations' metrics as open data, and build dashboards to display them
Comma Chameleon
A desktop CSV editor for Windows, OSX and Linux that helps your make easily-reusable, valid CSV files

Work with us

To find out more, collaborate or to set us a challenge contact [email protected].

You can also say hello on Twitter or explore our code on GitHub.