There are currently over 25 ODI Nodes in 18 countries, and we aspire to grow this community to span every continent. The opportunity to join the network is open to any business, university or NGO that uses or produces open data as part of its service or activities

ODI Nodes are committed to support each other and be engaged members of the ODI global network.

Become an ODI Node if you:

  • are an existing company or NGO that uses, produces or promotes the value of open data
  • want to develop local or national awareness of how open data can drive innovation and help to address local issues
  • have a strong reputation with local government, organisations and communities
  • want to proactively engage and collaborate with other nodes in the network
  • can write engaging blogs and take arresting photos to introduce new audiences to the concept of open data (Story Node)
  • can lead engaging, outcome-focused events to bring people together and connect them into a global network (Community Node)
  • can develop and deliver engaging training in open data, and want to grow a commercially sustainable training business (Learning Node)

We will assess ODI Node applications based on:

  • how far you share the ODI’s vision of open data for impact and knowledge for everyone
  • your expertise in open data and the social, environmental and/or economic benefits you could bring to your community
  • your knowledge of the ODI's themes and how your activities might align with them
  • your reputation within your local community (we will ask for two references)
  • your likelihood of securing sponsorship or collaboration with local organisations
  • your likelihood of meeting ODI Node target metrics
  • the evidence of your experience in writing engaging blogs and building a digital presence via outputs, communications and social media (Story Node)
  • the evidence of your experience in running successful events (Community Node)
  • the evidence of your experience in leading training and/or learning workshops, and demonstrating the business opportunity for training in your region (Learning Node)

If you want to know more about how the ODI measures impacts, see our company dashboards with metrics for success.

How will you benefit from becoming an ODI Node?

The ODI is committed to supporting ODI Nodes in many different ways. In particular, as an ODI Node you will benefit from:

  • holding a key position within an established, effective organisational structure
  • association with the ODI, its brand, mission and global network
  • peer support from leaders and open data experts in diverse countries and contexts
  • your own ODI Node website and email address
  • the use of ODI brand materials (for node activities)
  • templates and assets for ODI Node outputs
  • guides and best-practice materials on branding, communication and the delivery of ODI Node activities

How to join the ODI Node network

Please get in touch to discuss the opportunity.