Data is infrastructure. It underpins transparency, accountability, public services, business innovation and civil society. We need to strengthen our data infrastructure.

Data infrastructure

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Data such as statistics, maps and real-time sensor readings help us to make decisions, build services and gain insight. Data infrastructure will only become more vital as our populations grow and our economies and societies become ever more reliant on getting value from data.

We are not currently treating data as infrastructure. We are not giving it the same importance as our road, railway and energy networks were given in the industrial revolution and are still given now. We risk seeing data only as a tool for transparency when it should also be an engine of efficiency and growth. We need to strengthen our data infrastructure.


In 2015 the ODI paved the way for a stronger data infrastructure and started to define data infrastructure.

In 2016 we will deepen our understanding of economics and explore how to protect personal data. We will suggest ways to legislate for data infrastructure and open data, and help private and public sector organisations to strengthen our data infrastructure.

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