What should a Chief Data Officer for the UK public sector look like?

On Monday 23 February 2015, the Open Data Institute coordinated its first workshop expanding on recommendations from the Open Data Roadmap for the UK. The workshop brought together senior representatives from government, industry and the open data community, to share views on the potential vision and responsibilities for a Chief Data Officer for the UK.

The ODI’s Open Data Roadmap, launched in December 2014, highlights the need for strategic data leadership and recommends the appointment of a CDO who would, as part of their role, “monitor and seek the publication of open data.” The UK Government announced their intention to appoint a CDO for the UK public sector alongside the 2014 Autumn Statement, and preparations for the establishment of this role are already well underway inside government.

The ODI’s workshop teased out considerations that might go into the appointment of a CDO for the UK public sector, drawing on expertise both inside and outside government.

We captured the range of discussions in a draft briefing note that we’re publishing here to get your feedback. The draft briefing note reflects a range of views that were put forward at the workshop - some of which evoked general agreement between participants and others which were hotly debated.

What happens next?

Drawing on your feedback and the contributions from our workshop experts, the ODI will put forward its own vision for a CDO for the UK public sector. The draft briefing note will be open for public comment until Friday March 20 2015.

You can make suggestions directly in the Google document or via [email protected].

Two more ODI Open Data Roadmap workshops will follow before the general election (dates tbc):

  • March: Mapping out a joined up data strategy for the UK
  • April: Connecting open data policy to impact: looking at tools and incentives for government to become better at consuming and using data, as well as publishing data

If you have questions about the workshops or suggestions for other open data areas you’d like to see explored by the ODI, get in touch at [email protected].