Invitation to tender: Open licensing legal expert

The Open Data Institute (ODI) is looking for a French speaking open licensing legal expert to advise the Burkina Faso Open Data Initiative on applying an open license to their portal.

The objective of this work is to provide training to the Burkina Faso Open Data Initiative to enable them to improve their open data portal, specifically around their open licensing.

The main output of the work will be a half day remote workshop to train the BODI team in applying the CC-BY v4.0 (International) license, and understanding what that licence means, to the datasets on their open data portal:

The trainer will work with a team at the ODI who are implementing leadership support activities in Burkina Faso during June-September 2015.


A full brief can be found here

Tender responses should be made to [email protected] by 09.00 BST on Monday 6 July 2015.