Invitation to tender: Literature review on open data training for civil servants

The objective of this work is to research and write a brief literature review (10-15 pages), providing an overview of different approaches to training civil servants on open data.

This project will include a summary and comparison of different approaches employed to date for training civil servants on open data, including training curricula developed by global organisations (eg World Bank), non-governmental organisations (eg Open Data Institute (ODI), Open Knowledge, Development Initiatives), and other consultancies. Comparisons may also be drawn from training civil servants in more established sectors, such as transparency and anti-corruption, to assess the overall effectiveness of training as an intervention for building sustainable capacity to execute open data policies and initiatives.

Building off existing analysis by the ODI and others within the open data research community, the literature review will include a brief diagnosis of common approaches to training about open data, and common topics of training. It will also include an analysis of training needs, as expressed by civil servants from previous training need assessments and evaluations. Finally, the literature review will provide practical recommendations about how the ODI and others doing similar leadership support work, can improve the design of open data training programs.


A full brief can be found here

Tender responses should be submitted to [email protected] by 0900 BST on Monday 29 June 2015.