Tech Team Week Notes #34

Last week was fairly quiet, with Stuart off on holiday, no doubt swanning around full of the joys of spring.

At the same time, Tom was away most of the week in Luxembourg, full of the joys of EU research proposals; probably not quite as much swanning there though.

Back in the office, Ulrich spent the week trying to get hold of a dataset for another research project, attending a self-hacking workshop (which I'm sure is more benign than it sounds), and drafting some privacy-related content for the Open Data Certificates.Jeni was also working towards the launch of the certificates, including getting all the styling signed off. She also spent a while trying to work out what's next after the publication of the Shakespeare review the previous week. Sam spent the week getting more of our applications into continuous deployment. With our core job queue manager now under chef control, the robots really are taking over everything, which is also much more benign than it sounds.I spent the week getting the new logo design onto our various public-facing sites (which is never as simple a job as it really should be), and dealing with a few naggingissues in some of our other services.

At the same time, Sam andI were trying to plan a new online publication platform that will let us scale the way we publish everything online. This meant lots of talking to the rest of the ODI, to find out what they really needed; good news is, we all seem to want the same things, and even better, we might be able to reuse a lot of things that GDS have written for But that's for next week...