Tech Team Week Notes #25

I spent the first three days of the week at the Face-to-Face meeting of the Technical Architecture Group of the W3C. In that group we discussed topics ranging from the implications of ECMAScript 6 to (Javascript) API design to the need for care in referencing URLs from within data formats. Other than that, I've been concentrating on developing the Open Data Certificates, both in terms of their content and fleshing out what's needed for a back-end implementation.

Meanwhile, the dev team started Sprint #4, which is looking at providing more robust hosting for our main website, and at providing information about the booking of desks, pods and meeting rooms within ODI, to support our members.

Sam and Tom migrated our website onto github, and Sam worked on making it possible to create a new instance of the website using the power of Vagrant and chef.

Stuart was at the Making Transparency Work for You workshop in Leeds on Thursday, and spent much of the rest of the week wrestling with the Google Calendar API to try to extract calendar information about rooms and other resources from that service.

James did a lot of tidying up and finalising of the previous work on the member directory, and greatly enjoyed teaching Gavin some Ruby to help him extract data from Trello to create a board-level dashboard onto ODI.

Ulrich continued to get up to speed with our work at ODI and started developing plans around both engaging with the statistical community and creating businesses cases around the release of some key datasets.