Tech Team Week Notes #23

It's ODI week #23, and in tech land it's the first week of Sprint #3. Time is going very fast!

We didn't quite hit everything we wanted to get done in Sprint #2, so Stuartand Ispent the first half of the week finishing that off and launching our membership signup process. We thengot cracking on building capabilities for our new member directory, which is the main target for Sprint #3.I also started playing around with a little side project that you'll hopefully hear more of later, when it gets more interesting.

Tom has been doing architecture thinking on the member directory, which will finally include some actual Open Data(!), and also had some good funimagining the future of data fora potential major partner.

Jeni spent the week talking to large numbersofpeople, bothat the Local Government Association workshop on "Making Transparency Work for You", and thentalking about open dataat QCon. She also drafted two guides to licensing data.

Sam has been edging us ever-closer to our targetof continuous deployment, via chef incantations, burnt offerings, recursion, phase conjugate grammars for extra-dimensional summoning,and other such dark magic. The rest of us really need to learn what he's done soon, before he accidentally opens a portal into another universe and all our code falls into it.