Tech Team Week Notes #22

This week was the second week of Sprint #2, during which we have been concentrating on enabling people and organisations to sign up as members of ODI.

Richard has been our product manager through this process, and has been dealing with the niceties of the user journey, and the wording of the offer, emails, terms and conditions and so on.

James, Stuart and Tom have been working together on ensuring that new members are billed if appropriate from Xero, and their details captured in CapsuleCRM. The pipelining system that was put in place last sprint has been extended, and we have adopted the convention of using the data model wherever we can.

Sam went down a bit of an ops rabbit-hole trying to get continuous deployment working, but had much joy from the ease of automatically starting up Rackspace instances.

Jeni created a customised Bootstrap version to avoid too many jarring interface changes when travelling from our Drupal-based website to our custom applications. She also released the first, extremely alpha, version of the ODI's Open Data Certificate, and has been gratefully receiving comments and suggestions every since.