Tech Team Week Notes #18

In ODI time, last week was week #18, and the tech team were settled in and starting to put tools and systems in place.

Our first weeknotes brought a bunch of visitors into our IRC channel, where they got to experience our internal tech chatter, and the occasional meme. Sam's blog post at the end of the week brought in a bunch more. It's so great to see the channel with people in it; it's easy to say 'we're going to have an open IRC channel', but to have people in it who aren't us is incredibly satisfying. Tommainly spent last week bootstrapping his Ruby skills, as it's going to be our language of choice. His summary: "I thought this was just for hipsters, but it's actually really good". He's getting on well with it, but rather disturbed that other people have already found his code (the scary part of working in public). Sam has been wrestling with various infrastructure projects, and swearing at horrible dependency problems in the latest version of cucumber-chef. I was busy building things like our tech team metrics dashboard, getting it up on a screen in the office, and getting our Jenkins server to do what we want it to do in terms of continuous integration and deployment. Jeni's been in charge of the whole place this week, which has kept her plenty busy, on top of writing stories for our first sprint. We also all sat down for a discussion on URI design and versioning. As a developer unwise in the esoterica of these things, I was surprised to discover that it can be rather controversial. However, we all managed to agree on our approach without coming to blows. The result can wait for another blog post though... All in all we're pretty much ready to go. In week #19 we start building things that other people want!