Open data means job creation, transparency and a culture shift in Kenya

With the 2015 Open Data Awards just around the corner, we catch up with Kenya Open Data Initiative, a finalist for the Open Data Publisher Award.

The Open Data Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in open data across the world. Hundreds of inspiring people and organisations have been nominated across five categories, from social impact to publishing.

The awards will be held on July 9 at Bloomberg’s London offices on Finsbury Square. Explore all nominees and finalists and follow #ODIAwards for updates on the night.


Kenya Open Data Initiative


Hi guys! How are you doing?

Hello, we are doing great, greetings from the Kenya open data team.

What do you, or your organisation, do in a nutshell?

The Kenya open data initiative’s main mandate is to make government data that should be publicly accessible free and easy to access. We do this through a range of partnerships with various stakeholders: producers or users, ensuring great demand and supply for public data.

What first got you excited about open data?

The need for citizens to be informed. It is through information that citizens and organisations can make better and informed choices, allocate resources better and expand channels. Through open data, we have seen job creation, government transparency and a shift in culture for data sharing and use. Now that is powerful.

What are your biggest data challenges?

In the past and although a little less now, we have faced a lot of challenges with data sharing. Some government institutions still do not understand the need or use for data sharing and for this reason, deliberate efforts are going into sensitisation and raising awareness for the need and importance of data sharing.

What kind of open data would you like to see more of?

Everything that should be publicly available. There are many challenges that hinder data sharing but all information that is liberated by the law should be made available and all information that is protected by the law like personal information should not be made public.

How do you feel about being nominated for an open data award?

This nomination goes to validate our team efforts both within the government and with our various partners. Through this nomination, Kenya is able to stand out and the quality of our work, team effort and dedication is clearly motivated to keep going.

The Open Data Awards will be held on July 9 in partnership with Bloomberg at Bloomberg’s London offices on Finsbury Square.

Explore all nominees and finalists and follow #ODIAwards for updates on the night.