Open data is key to winning public sector business: here's how to use it

Navigating the world of public purchasing is famously difficult. Tendering for public contracts is costly and time-consuming.

The rise in volume of open data means that it has never been easier to understand what is happening in the market. In fact, with so much data being published on spending and procurement, the biggest challenge is making sense of all this data.

The UK has gone further than any other government in releasing its spending and procurement data, and now UK businesses have unparalleled insight into the ways government spends money. This can present companies with a dilemma: while they have the best data in the world, they must now use this data to shape their bids or risk appearing ambivalent to customer needs.

Using Open Data to Win Public Sector Business is a half-day course for companies that sell to government.

Attendees will learn about where the best sources of procurement intelligence lie and how to use them. During the course you will understand how to build a bid plan using data, so that you can know not only whether to bid but also to present the best bid possible for your customer.

Join us on 26 February, so that you can start bidding less and winning more.

Ian Makgill leads the Using Open Data to Win Public Sector Business course and is CEO of Spend Network, an ODI Startup.