ODI responds to consultation on improving the consumer landscape

As part of its aim to empower consumers to make wise decisions when purchasing goods and services, the UK Government has issued a consultation on ways to improve consumer choice. In its call for evidence, the government highlighted a particular need to improve advice and representation, and make switching suppliers easier and less time-consuming across all sectors.

Our mission at the ODI is to connect, equip and inspire people to innovate with data. Last year, the government asked us to bring it the voice of data businesses and innovators, and promote data innovation across government.

Our response to this consultation is based on our focus on data, and was produced based on what we have learned while working with our global network.

Some key issues raised in our response include the following:

  • The portability of reputation and feedback data between platforms such as Uber, AirBnB and TripAdvisor, the new opportunities or risks that this will create for businesses, workers and consumers, and the barriers to implementing such a policy.
  • How initiatives such as the Open Banking Standard – that will provide access to personal data through APIs, and publish data such as tariffs or branch locations as open data – could be brought to other regulated sectors, such as utilities or telecoms, to help consumers make better choices.

See the full response below