ODI Podcast: Editing out the gender gap on Wikipedia

ODI Writer / Editor Anna Scott speaks with Lucy Crompton-Reid, CEO of Wikimedia UK, about addressing gender bias and promoting women's participation in Wikipedia and other knowledge platforms

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is among the top ten most popular websites around the world. In the 15 years since its launch, Wikipedia has come to offer more than 24 million articles written in 247 languages.

As you might expect, the gender split amongst Wikipedia users is roughly equal. And given that virtually anyone with access to the internet is free to contribute to the knowledge platform with neutral, cited information, you'd assume the same would be true of the gender split amongst contributors.

However, there are significantly fewer women who contribute to and volunteer as editors for Wikipedia than men. This issue of women’s underrepresentation – in both back-end editorial processes and a front-end bias of information – is increasingly well-documented.

In this podcast, Lucy Crompton-Reid reflects on the issue and outlines the work being done by her charity, Wikimedia UK, to address it as part of a broader drive to support Wikipedia contributors and improve the quality of its content.

Lucy also talks about her experience engaging people to develop and build on open knowledge platforms more generally, and offers her advice for women and men who strive to improve women's rights standards and opportunities in their careers.

This podcast was presented by Anna Scott and produced by Freya Hellier. It follows a Friday lunchtime lecture that Lucy Crompton-Reid delivered on the same subject.

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