ODI Podcast: Apps for workplace wellbeing

Can a bot help you manage your stress levels at work? In this ODI Podcast, Martin Vowles speaks with ODI Editor Anna Scott about the ideas behind his software company Plexus, and the digital products it creates to support workplace wellbeing

Mental health issues are a growing concern in the UK. They affect one in four people and cost the economy about £70bn each year. They are also the cause of 40% of new disability benefit claims each year – the highest recorded in Europe, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

As apps are being created to help us manage countless aspects of our lives, from shopping to getting in shape, it is no surprise that digital tools are also emerging that aim to support our mental health.

In this podcast, Martin Vowles talks about his software company Plexus, which creates digital products to empower workplace wellbeing.

Plexus has developed a knowledge base pooling diverse data from different platforms to help users understand mental health standards and services in their areas, from support networks to legal aid and job opportunities.

Since winning funding and support from the ODI as part of the ODI Showcase last year, the team has also secured funding from Bethnal Green ventures.

This helped Plexus to develop a tool called Grace, a ‘digital cup of tea’ to help employees and employers to track stress levels and promote mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Recorded in the wake of Mental Health Awareness Week, Martin talks about his reasons for wanting to support mental health, why both employers and employees should have an awareness of mental health in the workplace and technology’s potential to help us to support mental health.

This podcast was presented by Anna Scott and produced by Freya Hellier. It follows a Friday lunchtime lecture that Martin Vowles delivered on the same subject.

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