Sweden's latest open data events, research and sources

An open data update from ODI Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) has, in collaboration with two other partners, recently added more open data to a tool where Swedish municipalities can find business ratios about their organization and publish them on their website.

The data is easily accessible, open to anyone interested (of course) and filtered from the Kolada database. The last implies high data quality and ease of use. Read here for more information - unfortunately only available in Swedish.

We in West Coast Big Apps are working on a Kreathon, the WebCoast unconference. This is not a regular hackathon as WebCoast organizers have added a new dimension of a Makerspace. Originating from real-life challenges we want our participants to create solutions based on either physical or digital solutions.

One challenge is to create Business Development 2.0 - where collaboration is the focus. For example, how can I easily find entrepreneurs with similar interests? The physical solution might be name badges with the possibility of highlighting your actual requirements. The digital solution might be an app where you see people geographically close to you with similar interests.

WebCoast takes place 13-15 March in Gothenburg, ticket numbers are limited to 250.

Sweden is usually ranked highly when it comes to Internet usage or other technical innovations; unfortunately this is not the case for open data where our world-rank according to the Open Data Index is #12*.

One reaction to this is that .se – our Internet Infrastructure Foundation – digs deeper into the area. Their first step is to investigate the knowledge base and thereafter start collaborations with different stakeholders. We are pleased that .se, an influential organization, is taking this step and getting more involved in the debate and development of open data in Sweden.

New areas, like open data, are of course of interest for researchers. In Gothenburg, Viktoria Swedish ICT, has several researchers investigating this area, where one of their exploratory studies was recently published. The researchers contributing in this study are Anders Hjalmarsson, Niklas Johansson and Daniel Rudmark and the article is named "Mind the Gap: Exploring Stakeholders’ Value with Open Data Assessment"(PDF).

The study's purpose is to discover the different value assessment perspectives stakeholders’ place on open data based on a single case.

The study identifies stakeholders as (1) open data providers, (2) third-party developers, and (3) open data brokers - an important stakeholder, not always mentioned in the eco-system.

The open data providers’ value assessment is to understand the gap between the existing open data sources and the required ones. This gap can consist of improvement of the existing ones or requirements for new open data sources.

Third-party developers gain from the value assessment by comparing their idea's open data requirements with the existing choice of open data sources. Is there a gap between actual offer of data sources or can they start developing their idea?

The open data broker, gains from the value assessment by conducting the same analysis as the third-party developers, but with the perspective of marketing to and attracting third-party developers.

*Note: The latest results from the Open Data Barometer 2015 ranks Sweden as #3 in the world for open data.