Why work for the ODI? Here are 10 reasons to apply today

From recession crisps to world-class innovation, here are 10 reasons you’ll want to work for the Open Data Institute


1. Our mission is to change the world for the better

We promote open data – data that anyone can access, use and share – to bring about social, economic and environmental benefits. Our services team and ODI Nodes work with governments and communities around the world, and our Shoreditch office is a hotspot for ODI staff, startups, associates and visitors all focused on changing the world with open data. Oh, and we have beanbags.

2. You’ll work with world-class experts

At the ODI we are lucky to work with people at the top of their fields in data, business and tech. Between our CEO Gavin Starks, our Technical Director Jeni Tennison, our International Director Richard Stirling, Head of Research Tom Heath and wider core team, there is a huge bank of knowledge and expertise. If that isn’t enough, we get to rub shoulders with our board – all thought leaders and inventors that inspire and motivate us. Sometimes we even catch a glimpse of our founders, Artificial Intelligence expert Sir Nigel Shadbolt and the man who invented the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

3. You can gorge yourself on free ‘recession crisps’

Our Data as Culture art programme helps make open data make sense to people who aren’t necessarily 'tech experts'. One art piece is a vending machine which scans BBC financial news to dispense free crisps – you can even follow it on Twitter. null

4. Our programmes span across diverse fields: from art to human rights

Open data can affect all aspects of life. This is reflected in the work of our programmes, which cover everything from Data as Culture – with Artists in Residence exhibiting works in the office – to boosting global development and anti-poverty efforts.

5. We’re a startup

At just over two years old, the ODI is growing. The pace of work is fast, but the excitement that comes with being part of the open data movement – and working with leading experts – is what keeps us so engaged and enthusiastic in our roles.

6. You can hang out with our “Head of Robots”

We are not limited to or defined by our official roles here at the ODI, but we have some great job titles, as our Head of Robots, Sam Pikesley will tell you.

7. Santa and the Easter Bunny love to stop by

When you get back into the office after the Easter weekend and hundreds of mini eggs are hidden all over the office, or you're invited to bring your kids in to meet Santa at Christmas time, you realise you're part of a close-knit, thoughtful and valued team. And with film nights, Friday night socials and group trips to see colleagues play gigs, the ODI team works hard but plays hard, too.


8. You’ll be surrounded by innovation

At the ODI we are always exposed to new inventive, cutting-edge technologies and ideas. We learn how open data creates business for ODI Startups, and hear innovative ideas from lots of different speakers at our Friday lunchtime lectures. It’s impossible not to feel inspired.

9. Your opinion will always count

At the ODI we all have the freedom and opportunity to challenge ideas, present our own and run with them. The culture and management style of the organisation emphasises trust, respect and flexibility. We’re empowered to be a collaborative but independent, energetic and passionate workforce.

10. You’ll experience #LifeAtTheODI for yourself By joining our team, you’ll gain new perspectives, new challenges, new experiences and friends. You’ll play your part in making #LifeAtTheODI the exciting adventure that it is for us all.


We’re hiring! Check out our Jobs page for positions we’re recruiting for.