Invitation to tender - report brief - Generation Open

The ODI is putting out a tender for the writing of a report on Generation Open.

The aim of this report is examine Generation Open as a cultural and economic trend with the purpose of publishing it before or on the second day of the ODI Summit, 3 November 2015.

The summit is being held at the BFI in London and has as its theme ‘Celebrating Generation Open’. Speakers will include inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners Lee. We anticipate that the report will feature as one of the sessions in the main conference hall.

Content depending, we would aim for the full report to be published as an openly available document in PDF and HTML formats, as well as a written summary. We would aim for this report to capture people’s and media imagination.

ODI will be responsible for final editing, production and publishing and all documents will be published under a Creative Commons licence.


A full brief can be found here

Tender responses with a list of links to previous work should be made to [email protected], no later than 17.00 BST, 29 June, 2015.