Invitation to tender: animated videos explaining emerging technology

As part of its innovation programme, the ODI is running a research project to help businesses understand emerging data technologies and whether these can meet their needs. In this project we are specifically looking at emerging technologies around personal data, smart contracts and artificial intelligence.

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Research into emerging technologies can quickly become over-complicated and filled with jargon, which can hinder the understanding of a general non-technical audience.

In our research we want to avoid these pitfalls by providing easily digestible content. One of the main hurdles for audiences in understanding emerging technologies can be the context, so we would like to provide simple animated videos to explain the basic concepts quickly and effectively.

This should allow our audiences to engage with our more detailed research with limited background knowledge and enable them to make informed decisions about emerging technologies.

Summary and timeline

  • Aim: To clearly communicate key emerging technology concepts through simple animations.
    Audience: The primary audience will be tech product and programme managers in the UK private sector. They will likely be mid-level executives who can be expected to have at least some familiarity with current trends and debates within the tech sector. The secondary audience includes venture capitalists, startups, trade bodies, consumer bodies, citizens, etc.
  • Duration: January - March 2018
  • Value of award (excl. VAT): Up to £10,000
  • Questions to ODI by: 12 January 2018 at 12.00 (UTC)
  • ODI responses by: 16 January 2018
  • Costed proposals due by: 19 January 2018 at 12.00 (UTC)
  • Contract awarded: 26 January 2018
  • ODI brief winning company: 29 January 2018
  • Final work delivered by: 2 March 2018
  • Tender reference: RDP5-003
  • Contact: [email protected]

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Q: Do you have any top level headlines that you could supply to use in a mock up?

A: No - we are still fleshing out and are keen to deal with this collaboratively.

Q: When do you expect to deliver the background research to the successful applicant and what form will this take?

A: On the 29th Jan, we will talk to the successful applicants about the requirements. We can send the information over in a Google Doc, but we hope to be involved during the creation process.

Q: Do you expect that you'll want to re-version these animations for a non English speaking audience?

A: This is not in scope, because the audience is UK businesses. This may apply to the animation about Data infrastructure, which is applicable internationally, but this is not a priority.

Q: Are there any stakeholders external to the ODI who will be involved in sign off? A: There won’t be in the sign off, but we may want to share with key external stakeholders.

Q: Will the final script be produced by the ODI with input from the successful bidder, or will the responsibility for the script remain with the production company with input from the the ODI team

A: The final script will be the responsibility of the production company with input from the the ODI team.

Q: It's not clear from the briefing document if the voiceover will be a supplied asset by the ODI or if the bidder will be responsible for studio costs to record the voiceover in addition to sound editing.

A: The responsibility lies with the bidder to record the voiceover in addition to sound editing.

Q: There is no mention of sound effects and sound design in the brief, but many of the references include them - what is the expectation in this case? Are these costs to be included by the animation team?

A: The decision lies with the bidder to include sound if they think it adds to the animation. Costs should be included.

Q: 2-3 minutes per film is quite large variation in the duration of the films, which makes it quite difficult to cost for a fixed award fee. What is the ODI's view on negotiating these points in order to keep the project within the proposed fee?

A: The duration of the videos is negotiable provided that all the content is covered.