Guest Blog: Honest Buildings joins ODI start-ups

We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected as a startup to be incubated at theOpenDataInstitute. The activity happening around here every dayfrom the myriad companies and exciting start-ups, to the contact with government officialsfrom the UK and beyondmakes the ODIsuch an exciting place to be, and at such an great time both in our own company's development but also the wholeopendatamovement.

The ODI is at the heart of thisopendatamovement in the UKand really, the world. I met groups from the Canadian Government who were over to discuss how things are working with the UK Government, and what lessons could be brought back to Canada. I've been introduced to companies (now our neighbors) Locateable and Placr who are also involved in geospatial. Mastodon C is doing some incredibly exciting stuff and we are looking at a number of potential collaborations. OpenCorporates also sit in the ODI, and we're incredibly impressed by the work they do and hope to be utilising a number of their datasets in the near future.

Aside from all the great companies and businessesand at risk of being slightly cheesy, the atmosphere is like nothing I've ever experienced: a mix of suits, hooded sweatshirts, geeks, business development experts,data analystsall coming together (in just the way Shoreditch and the City collide)to create this incredible energy, this palpable feeling that makes you excited to even be in the presence of all these wildly interesting and entertaining individuals working on their respectiveendeavors.

We've found a home at the ODI, and I am looking forward to as many seasons as possible with our new team!

Nick Katz is Head of Market Development Europe for Honest Buildings - now based at the ODI