Brighton node news: January 2014

Open data will form a key part of Lighthouse’s programme in 2014. Since being selected as one of the inaugural ODI nodes in October last year, we have been progressing on 3 fronts. These are our current ambitions for 2014.

1. Data as Culture

We are working with our partners, the ODI, and FutureEverything, the the Data as Culture programme, which will culminate in exhibitions in London, Manchester and Brighton.

2. Local open data community

Brighton has an active open data community, including developers and data scientists, local government and public services, the arts, media, universities, and business. We are seeking to engage with the local community to amplify existing work, and connect partners where we can.

3. An open data residency in the Lighthouse studio

Lighthouse has set up an interdisciplinary studio where artists, technologists, scientists, film-makers, designers and others will come to develop projects, and explore collaborations, and work with our network — all to feed into our programme.

The core of our open data programme will be to host an open data residency at the studio, with different residents taking the role, including open data advocates, data scientists and story tellers.

We’re currently looking to secure funding for this residency, and identify candidate residents.