Are you our next ODI associate?

The ODI Services team launches a call for applications from world-class experts to become ODI associates

The ODI is working with governments and companies around the world to help them respond to the challenge of a more open, networked and data-driven world. Over the last year we have worked with organisations as diverse as the World Bank, Deutsche Bank, the Government of Malaysia and Syngenta.

We have done this with a small core team operating from London and drawing on the skills of our international node network. However, we are growing at a rate where we need to be able to draw in talent more widely, and we will be working across five continents in 2016.

Because of this we are on the hunt for world-class experts who would like to work with us. We are looking for people from around the world who are passionate about open data and have expertise in:

  • culture change

  • open innovation

  • data science

If this sounds like you, and you would like to work with us on a freelance basis, please email [email protected] with:

  • a one-page CV

  • no more than one page explaining why you are suitable and what your ideal engagement might look like

We are particularly keen to hear about how you have changed things for the better in your previous projects. The core values for our team, and in our engagements with clients, are:

  • impact driven – motivated by creating change

  • striving for quality service – we take pride in delivering excellence

  • client focussed – we want to create the right thing for the client

We already have exciting projects lined up for 2016 – and we’d love to hear from you!